It was 1902 when Liborio and Petrina Rizzotto immigrated to the United States from Corleone Sicily and settled in New York. A Plasterer by trade, Liborio worked throughout the northern East Coast states saving every penny he could until 1920 when William Rizzotto, the last of eleven children was born in Hartford Connecticut and during childhood, moved to Los Angeles.

After World War Two, William met and married Grace Masciave. With the frugality instilled in them by their families, they amassed homes and investments, eventually creating the original Rizzotto Family Trust dedicated to helping the less fortunate through religious organizations with a mission to eliminate hunger, homelessness, and disease. David, their first born son also learned the importance of finances and philanthropy early on and was the natural choice for administrator of the trust.

After William and Graceís passing in the early 2000ís, the Trust began transforming its philanthropic efforts mainly towards education. The Trustís present mission of changing the world - one future at a time is best served by educating todayís younger generation, eventually solving the many other endeavors close to the Trust's heart.