Although the specific giving efforts of the Rizzotto Family Trust remain private and we do not collect or forward donations of any sort, we are very particular about who receives our donations and to what extent they use our charitable dollars to actually support our intentions. We research each organization we donate to and therefore, are providing the following information on those we feel are deserving of our efforts.

The Rizzotto Foundation For Underprivileged Youth Access
To The Performing Arts

Our mission is to combine funding with that of our partners in business, EDB’s family of companies and associated benefactors to provide underprivileged youth access to the performing arts. Several wonderful programs are already available with the Bakersfield Symphony, The Morro Bay Chamber Orchestra and the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Symphonies. We urge you search for ways that you too can help such a worthy endeavor in your local area.

Every day inner city children are drawn to a life without experiencing the beauty of the performing arts. If one or two out of hundreds that attend a performance see a change available in their life, down the road we will have changed our world, one future at a time.


Hunger Free America
In a message from EIF’s Chairman Jeff Bridges, “We are all committed to building a stronger and a more united America but we should not overlook a problem so close to home -- hunger. Today more than 13 million children in America are at risk of not getting the food they need to grow and develop properly. Everyone in America should have a place at the table to enjoy its bounty.”

In researching this foundation, we’ve found that a very high percentage of our dollars actually go to fund our efforts, rather than be consumed by overhead. A high recommendation here!

You can also find local food banks in your community by typing “Food Bank” and the name of your city/county in your search engine.


Heifer International
Helping people worldwide help themselves.
Over one billion people will go to bed hungry tonight. With more than 50 years experience, Heifer has a proven approach to helping people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. Rather than outright giving of a few simple meals, Heifer makes it possible for entire family’s and villages to learn animal husbandry, agriculture and to sustain themselves for generations to come. “If you teach a man to fish…” Need we say more?

Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages works with artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed, marketing their work without the middlemen that consume the lions share of the profit. This income helps pay for food, education, health care and housing. Thousands of volunteers in Canada and the United States work with Ten Thousand Villages in their home communities. Check out their website and we’re sure you’ll agree, Ten Thousand Villages are worth our efforts.


The DBS Alliance
More than 24 million Americans suffer from mood disorders annually. Each year, one in five Americans experiences a serious emotional disturbance. In fact, mental illness is more prevalent than cancer, lung disease and heart disease combined – leading the U.S. Surgeon General to declare mental illness one of our nation’s leading public health issues. Mood disorders are indiscriminate, affecting people of all ages, races, ethnic groups and social classes. After loosing a wonderful and beautiful person to the “Alternate” created by Borderline Personality Disorder, and seeing the horror of Blame Transference that the family went through, we feel that The DBS Alliance is an excellent giving opportunity. Please help us help so that other families can return to the love and peace that is paramount in a relationship.