“Be content to eat the crust and smile,
as the ones you love feast on the breads of your labor”
- William Rizzotto

Rizzotto Family Collage

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the Rizzotto Family Trust. Our mission is simple, to help our small part of humanity through education and giving in areas that have affected us the most. Issues such as hunger, temporary loss of income, the performing arts, or housing and mental illness.

Throughout our lives we both have been affected by these issues, and although indirectly, we’ve seen their effects. Bright yet underprivileged children who never got the chance to experience the beauty of the performing arts, families in careers that were lost to the advance of technology and a wonderful person lost to Borderline Personality Disorder.

Our hope is that if we can stop even one family from hurting because of these issues, every penny spent will be worth it.